About Dream Factory

Dream Factory Established in 2003, Dream Factory started its journey from the grass root level and today is a name to reckon for rapid growth - from a single-location proprietorship firm to a technology-led & system oriented company with a pan-India presence running independent Multiple Brands into end-to-end Interior Space & Luxury Living

Various verticals under the leadership of Dream Factory work closely to integrate the expertise of each and provide added value to the final product that always leaves an awe-inspiring impression.

Dream Factory connects with clients needs at every step through its extensive network of over 600+ employees, spread 6 cities across India, with more than 3.5 lac sq. ft. workspace, maintaining universal standards across India.

Dream Factory Annual Achievements

2400 Events
240 Exhibitions
200 Retail Stores
600 Shop In Shop
180 Luxury Interiors
12000 Displays
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